Rewild Films is a production studio based in Vancouver, Canada. We make awesome short films for clients. Sometimes we also take the creative lead on special digital projects, run workshops, and give talks. 


Recent Stories

Check out some of the projects we've been working on lately.



Our relationship with nature in the immediate urban environment is shifting. By taking learning into the outdoors, not indoor classrooms, we reconnect with the natural world we live in. 

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The Drill COVER

The Drill Cover allows surgeons to safely use a hardware store power drill in a clean surgical environment - whether it be in a hospital in Uganda, or a military field tent in Syria.

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 Megaphone Magazine

When we feel a case of the Monday blues, we pop on this video for an instant ear-to-ear grin. Stephen is possibly the most optimistic man we've ever filmed. 

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Engineers in Scrubs

A group of young engineers masterminded an invention that has the potential to make a huge impact across the developing world. 

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We’ve tackled many of the storage and processing problems inherent in an increasingly data-rich society. But making sense of all the data, interactions and records is the new frontier. 

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Ruby Lake

We filmed this little taster on the first day of summer at Ruby Lake Village - a magical 90 acre piece of land on the Sunshine Coast right on a spring-fed lake so clear you can drink from it. 

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robot in every home


 In ten years, everyone is going to have robots in their home. But if your robot makes a mistake or harms someone, who is responsible?

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Our first time experimenting with aerial videography! Throw in some nifty animation and wabbam! You have this!

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